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Deepam Kitchen Machineries

Energy Efficient Steam cooking plant by deepam Kitchen Machineries.

Energy Efficient Steam Cooking Plant


The Energy Efficient Steam Cooking Plant by Deepam Kitchen Machineries is designed to optimize the process of steam cooking, reducing energy consumption while maintaining high standards of food quality. This system is ideal for large-scale kitchens such as those in hotels, hospitals, educational institutions, and industrial canteens.

Key Features of Energy Efficient Steam Cooking Plant:

  1. Energy Efficiency:

    • Utilizes advanced insulation materials to minimize heat loss.
    • Features a high-efficiency steam generator that reduces fuel consumption.
    • Equipped with automated controls to ensure precise steam generation, further conserving energy.
  2. Durable Construction:

    • Made from high-grade stainless steel, ensuring longevity and resistance to corrosion.
    • Designed to withstand heavy usage and harsh kitchen environments.
  3. Safety Mechanisms:

    • Includes safety valves and pressure gauges to monitor and control steam pressure, preventing accidents.
    • Automated shut-off features in case of overheating or excessive pressure.
  4. User-Friendly Design:

    • Our Energy Efficient Steam Cooking Plant are Simple, intuitive controls make the system easy to operate.
    • Ergonomic design ensures ease of use and reduces operator fatigue.
    • Easy to clean and maintain, with accessible components and smooth surfaces.
  5. Versatility:

    • Suitable for cooking a wide range of foods including rice, vegetables, meats, and seafood.
    • Available in various capacities to meet different kitchen needs.
  6. Environmental Impact:

    • Reduces carbon footprint by lowering energy consumption.
    • Designed to comply with environmental regulations and standards.
  7. Cost-Effective:

    • Lower operational costs due to reduced fuel usage and maintenance needs.
    • Long-term savings from enhanced durability and energy efficiency.

Applications of Energy Efficient steam Cooking Plant:

  • Commercial Kitchens: Ideal for hotels, restaurants, and catering services.
  • Institutional Kitchens: Perfect for schools, colleges, and universities.
  • Healthcare Facilities: Suitable for hospitals and healthcare centers where large quantities of food need to be prepared hygienically.
  • Industrial Canteens: Excellent for factories and large corporate cafeterias.


The Energy Efficient Steam Cooking Plant by Deepam Kitchen Machineries offers a robust solution for bulk cooking with a focus on energy efficiency, safety, and ease of use. Its advanced features and durable construction make it a valuable investment for any large-scale kitchen operation looking to improve efficiency and reduce costs. Feel free to Contact Us about any type of information.


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