Deepam Kitchen Machineries

Deepam Kitchen Machineries

Ice Machine IC-18BW

Model: IC-18BW

Rated Capacity / 24 hrs.*: 18 kgs.

Ice Storage Capacity: 2.2 kgs.

Cube Shape / Size: Bullet / Ø 35*39 mm

Refrigerant: R134a

Dimensions wxdxh (in mm): 357*423*452

This compact countertop ice machine produces bullet shaped ice cubes and is ideal for small bars, coffee shops, juice bars, restaurants or homes. Just insert a bottled water jar on top of the ice maker, turn the machine on, and you can begin to enjoy perfect ice within minutes. Designed to automatically turn off when the storage bin is full, it ensures a high level of energy efficiency.

  • Insulated ice storage bin and door minimize air condensation and water formation.


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