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Deepam Kitchen Machineries

Steam Cooking Plant

Specifications of our steam cooking plant:
Usage Commercial
Size As per customer choice
Material Food Grade Stainless steel
Application Restaurants/institutions/
Power Source Electric/Gas
Capaicty 10000 Meals per day


Welcome to Deepam Kitchen Machineries, where innovation meets efficiency in commercial kitchen solutions. Introducing our flagship product, the Steam Cooking Plant, designed to revolutionize your cooking processes and elevate your culinary endeavors.

Crafted with precision and built to withstand the rigors of professional kitchens, our Steam Cooking Plant offers unparalleled performance and reliability. Whether you’re operating a bustling restaurant, a catering service, or a large-scale food production facility, this powerhouse of a machine will exceed your expectations.

Features Of Our Steam Cooking Plant:

  1. Robust Construction: Constructed with high-quality materials, our Steam Cooking Plant is built to last, ensuring years of dependable service in your kitchen.
  2. Efficient Steam Generation: Equipped with advanced steam generation technology, this plant produces a steady and consistent supply of high-pressure steam, ideal for cooking a variety of dishes quickly and evenly.
  3. Customizable Configurations: Tailored to meet your specific needs, our Steam Cooking Plant comes in various configurations, allowing you to choose the capacity and features that best suit your requirements.
  4. User-Friendly Interface: Designed with user convenience in mind, the intuitive interface makes operation effortless, allowing your kitchen staff to focus on creating culinary masterpieces.
  5. Energy-Efficient Design: Engineered for optimal energy efficiency, our Steam Cooking Plant helps reduce utility costs without compromising on performance, making it a sustainable choice for your business.
  6. Easy Maintenance: With minimal maintenance requirements, our Steam Cooking Plant ensures maximum uptime, keeping your kitchen running smoothly day in and day out.


The Steam Cooking Plant by Deepam Kitchen Machineries offers a range of benefits that revolutionize the cooking process in commercial kitchens and food production facilities. Here are some of the key benefits:

Healthier Food Preparation: Steam cooking retains the natural flavors, nutrients, and textures of ingredients, ensuring healthier and more nourishing meals for customers. It eliminates the need for excessive oil or fat, promoting a balanced and nutritious diet.

Faster Cooking Times: Steam cooking significantly reduces the cooking time for a variety of foods. The high-temperature steam evenly distributes heat, speeding up the cooking process while maintaining the quality and taste of the prepared dishes.

Energy Efficiency: Steam cooking plants utilize steam generated from a central boiler or other heat sources, ensuring optimal energy utilization. This reduces energy consumption, resulting in cost savings and environmental sustainability in the long run.

Versatile Cooking Applications: The Steam Cooking Plant offers a wide range of cooking methods, including boiling, steaming, blanching, stewing, and poaching. This versatility allows for the preparation of a diverse range of dishes, catering to the preferences and requirements of customers.

Increased Capacity: With its large cooking capacity, the Steam Cooking Plant enables the preparation of a higher volume of food. This is particularly beneficial in commercial kitchens, restaurants, and food production facilities, where large quantities of meals need to be prepared efficiently.

Consistent Results: Steam cooking ensures consistent and uniform cooking results, eliminating the risk of undercooked or overcooked dishes. This consistency leads to higher customer satisfaction, as they can expect the same quality and taste each time they dine at the establishment.

Reduced Labor and Supervision: The automated nature of the Steam Cooking Plant simplifies the cooking process, reducing the need for constant monitoring and supervision. This frees up the staff to focus on other kitchen tasks, improving overall efficiency and productivity.

Easy Maintenance and Cleaning: Deepam Kitchen Machineries designs their Steam Cooking Plant with easy maintenance and cleaning in mind. The equipment is constructed with high-quality materials that are resistant to corrosion and can be cleaned easily, ensuring hygiene and prolonging the lifespan of the plant.

Experience the numerous benefits of the Steam Cooking Plant by Deepam Kitchen Machineries and elevate the efficiency, taste, and quality of your food preparation, promising customer satisfaction and operational excellence.

Whether you’re steaming vegetables, cooking rice, preparing soups, or simmering sauces, Deepam Kitchen Machineries’ Steam Cooking Plant delivers consistent results with every use. Trust in our expertise and experience to take your commercial kitchen to new heights of efficiency and productivity.

Invest in quality. Invest in Deepam Kitchen Machineries’ Steam Cooking Plant. To read our regular blog updates on our Deepam Kitchen Machineries click here.



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